Hours of Operation

We’re OPEN until we’re CLOSED.

Most days we’re open at 4pmSometimes earlier, but never later than 5pm.

  • Tuesday – We try to close at 9pm because it’s trivia night at the pub next door, so we might leave early so we can make it for round one.  If you ask us nicely we’ll come back and make you something.
  • Wednesday – We try to close at 9pm and usually that happens.  Last Wednesday we closed at 10pm.
  • Thursday – We lock the door at 9pm, but we’re usually here until midnight making dough and sauce.  The delivery driver has gone home so you can only pick up.  Admittance inside is a Double-Double coffee.  Call twice-in-a-row if the answering machine is on.
  • Friday – We’re usually out of here by 11pm, sometimes Midnight, and sometimes 10:30pm.  Basically, if we answer the phone we’re still open.
  • Saturday – Now, this one is tricky.  More times than not the boss is off on Saturday’s and this place shuts down at 10pm like clockwork, but if he’s here it’s 11pm.
  • Sunday – We’re out by 9pm.  I mean really it’s Sunday, there’s football, Game of Thrones, and Star Trek on Sundays.

Nobody likes working Mondays, so don’t bother asking.

Catering and Special Events can be accommodated with advanced notice.